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January 22, 2018INFORMATION

News of Yokohama More's business hours shortening
News of business hours of today (10/22)

Thank you for always favoring Yokohama More's.

Although because disorder of means of transportation caused by snowfall is expected today, being really selfish,
We close a shop in all facilities at 20:00
We do this.

In addition, we are going to do business as usual from Tuesday, January 23 tomorrow.
※As of 1/22( moon) 17:00

We cause customer trouble very much
We hope that we have understanding approval.

January 15, 2018INFORMATION
*NEARLY downloading campaign *
NEARLY downloading campaign
Until ... Wednesday, February 28

One-limited / of \ new downloading
\ "NEARLY" downloading campaign /

■What is NEARLY (re-near)?

In imminent favorite facilities
Advantageous sale information, new work, reentry load, attributive information arrive,
It is free smartphone application that we can check at pleasure.

■NEARLY (re-near) downloading campaign

During period until Wednesday, February 28,
To person who downloaded NEARLY (re-near) newly
It is usable in Yokohama More's 4F nana's green tea
We give 100 yen coupon (the first 500 people)
※Campaign cord: 00130605

As for NEARLY (re-near) downloading, please see this.
January 10, 2018INFORMATION
It is guide on closed day in all facilities
It is guide on closed day in all facilities

You usually use Yokohama More's more,
Thank you very much.

I am so sorry, but Thursday, February 22, 2018,
It should be closed day in all facilities.
※On the day Yokohama Takashimaya, Joey eggplant, LUMINE, Porta do business as usual.

In addition, we usually from Friday, February 23 do business the next day.

To all of you very I apologize for the inconvenience, but,
We hope that we have understanding approval.
January 23, 2017INFORMATION
Yokohama More's X Tokyu Hands
About "hands percent" "we eat percent"

Hands percent
In Yokohama More's, it is the presentation by "hands club card" or "hands application"
Service is received at the following store.

We download PDF when we click image

※In the case of order, please show card or application by all means.
※We may change service contents without notice.
※Combination with other services is impossible.
※[9F shrimp & oyster bar] Of this service
It is finished on Monday, January 22.
※Other stores have change of some services contents.

Eat; percent
We show receipt of restaurant & cafe and are advantageous in Tokyu Hands!

Of restaurant & cafe (we include roof beer garden) in Yokohama More's
When show receipts more than tax-included 1,000 yen; 5% of shopping in Tokyu Hands is OFF!!

※It is limited to receipt on the day before or the day.
※With other services cannot use together.
January 19, 2018SHOP
Until from Friday, January 19 to Sunday, January 28


Of men's accessories representing Europe
Factory brand "Louis FAGLIN" (LOUIS FAGLIN).

Of Louis FAGLIN where we took design development of significant maison brand on for the first century,
We had item proud of high design and quality abundantly

We usually offer limited item without the handling.
Please come to the store at this opportunity.


Long-established store of cuff links, men's accessories "Louis FAGLIN" from France.
Since establishment of 1899, we centered on thigh width Europe more than the first century
We continued making products such as tie clips including cuff links of many well-known brands
It is factory brand of men's accessories.

Having traditional cuff links Collection,
We have a good reputation for rich design and high-quality lineup developed from there.
January 14, 2018SHOP
From Friday, January 19 to Thursday, February 15


Period of from Friday, January 19 to Thursday, February 15,
More than 20,000 yen (tax-included) toward the purchase
We present original towel!
※It becomes the end as soon as we disappear

Mainly on bikini original in PEAK&PINE,
Beach coordinates including casual clothing and goods
It is annual swimming wear shop to be able to enjoy throughout the year.
CHECK can do trend one early♪

Not only ladies' but also
Men's swimming wear unfolds in variation richness, too!

By all means casually in 3F PEAK&PINE
Please drop in♪

●PEAK&PINE shop blog is this
January 11, 2018RESTAURANT
9F shrimp & oyster bar
Oyster winter sale
Until ... Monday, January 22

●Oyster winter sale●

"Raw oysters half price festival!" first for 2,018 years
We provide raw oysters at half price for all article whole day!

You can fully enjoy comparing the tastes every production center, too.

Please come to the store at this opportunity♪

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