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January 9, 2018RESTAURANT

8F konana
Seasonally limited menu

◆8F konana seasonal limited menu◆

●Miso soybean milk cream of roasting salmon ●1,382 yen (tax-included)
Until ... Wednesday, February 28

With taste that vegetables are kind to miso soybean milk cream in winter of turnip and Chinese cabbage,
Pan pasuta where nice smell of roasting salmon is excellent at affinity.
Enjoy flavor and texture of bean sprouts and honewort.

●Sesame soybean milk miso cream of prawns and scallop ●1,274 yen (tax-included)
Until ... Wednesday, January 31

We added body of miso and flavor of fragrant sesame to soybean milk cream plainly.
Pure white cream sauce is good in season that is cold visually.

Please enjoy recommended menu of 8F konanade season♪

January 3, 2018CAFE
3F mer F cafe
Seasonally limited menu

●Hot apple cinnamon ●650 yen (tax-excluded)

We added cinnamon and flesh of orange to apple juice and simmered and were crowded.
It is winter recommended drink warming from core of body on cold day.

●Apple pie chocolate ●700 yen (tax-excluded)

Shake of chocolate taste that flesh of apple entered.
Attach apple and mille-feuille dough which you covered with cinnamon,
We finished in apple pie style.

Please spend sit-down in 3F mer F cafe♪
December 27, 2017SHOP
The first dream of the year fair 2018 second
From Wednesday, January 3 to Wednesday, January 31

We hold the first dream of the year fair 2018 second!

◆Annual chance!◆
We offer a lot of come-ons♪

Nice first dream of the year fair hyperdrive

There is this, too!

Please come to the store at this opportunity♪
December 26, 2017CAFE
2F, 8F Starbucks coffee
New work drink
Until ... Wednesday, February 14

●Matcha fruity Bren tea latte●
Short 430 yen (tax-excluded), Tall 470 yen (tax-excluded)
Grande 510 yen (tax-excluded), Venti®550 Japanese yen (tax-excluded)

We draw charm of Matcha still more,
Such as citron, white grape
We blended various fruit and nuts
New Matcha tea latte.

※It is finished as soon as we disappear

●Matcha & fruity Mascarpone Frappuccino ®●
Tall 580 yen (tax-excluded)

To Mascarpone excellent at Matcha and affinity
We add sweetness and flavor of muscat,
We used Matcha for whip cream of topping,
Frappuccino ® with gorgeous desert feeling.

※It is finished as soon as we disappear

You can spend 2F and both 8F seats relaxedly♪
Please use.
December 2, 2017RESTAURANT
Restaurant & Cafe
MORE' S Lunch & Dinner *

In restaurant & cafe of Yokohama More's pride
Discerning taste and comfort that we skipped.

↑You can see each shop menu in PDF when we click

↑You can see each shop menu in PDF when we click

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