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November 6, 2017SHOP

From Friday, November 10 to Sunday, November 19

It is DIEGO BELLINI of founding in Marche, Italy in 1951.
It is handmade and is particular from founding those days,
It is brand which became pioneer of ladies' loafers.
During period, it becomes first among REAL SCOPE
We carry out color custom order fair of DIEGO BELLINI

Material which can use more than 100 kinds,
Sole is half rubber; three colors of KOLOR
Insole can be chosen from two colors.

He/she makes one pair only of oneself by all means at this opportunity, and how?

26,000- yen (tax-excluded)
※There is not up CHARGE by specifications change.

●Delivery date●
End of March, 2018 plan
※We may be late by circumstances.
※We cannot accept specifications change, resize after order fair.
※About fitting, error may occur in sample and the goods.
※Texture of color with the goods may be a little different from leather sample.

November 1, 2017CAFE
3F mer F cafe
Winter limited menu

◆3F mer F cafe winter limited menu◆

●Clam chowder-style pasta with salmon and winter vegetables●
1,280 yen (tax-excluded)

Winter constant seller clam chowder which vegetables and seafood entered rumblingly,
We arranged into mer F style with pasta.
Flavor of clams intertwines rich sauce well, and please have.

●American food gratin of deep red queen crab and Kita Akari potato●
1,180 yen (tax-excluded)

We finished plentiful rouge queen crab in heavy a type of sauce called Americane,
Gratin of rich taste!
We stuff our mouth with heat overjoyed Kita Akari potato together,
Please enjoy winter luxury.

●Baked apple and pancake of rum raisin ice●
single 980 yen (tax-excluded), double 1,350 yen (tax-excluded)

We performed topping of homemade baked apple luxuriously.
Flavor of caramel and gentle sweetness of custard cream,
Rich taste of rum raisin is excellent at affinity!

Please spend sit-down in 3F mer F cafe♪
November 1, 2017CAFE
2F, 8F Starbucks coffee
New work drink
Until ... Tuesday, December 12

●Raspberry white Mocha (Hot/Ice)●
Short 440 yen (tax-excluded) Tall 480 yen (tax-excluded)
Grande 520 yen (tax-excluded) Venti®560 Japanese yen (tax-excluded)

To white Mocha which sweet-sour raspberry melted into,
With meringue of texture flavored with raspberry that we did quickly
We performed topping of white chocolate which we did into a flake form
It is colorful seasonally limited drink.

●Raspberry white chocolate Frappuccino ®●
Tall 580 yen (tax-excluded)

Sweet-sour raspberry and Frappuccino ® of white chocolate
Of texture that we did on the whip quickly
We did into meringue and a flake of raspberry flavor form
It is topping with white chocolate.

You can spend 2F and both 8F seats relaxedly♪
Please use.
October 21, 2017SHOP
4F Ginza Diamond Shiraishi
Christmas Fair
Until ... Monday, December 25

Item which is wonderful by making a promise,
We present hand cream with diamond Powder by visit!

◆Visit privilege◆

●Hand cream with diamond Powder●

◆Engage ring making a promise privilege◆
●Diamond necklace●

◆Marriage ring making a promise privilege◆
●Original ring holder●

◆It is of making a promise with diamond loose in male one◆
●Proposal ring present●

It is size adjustment possibility ring which we offered for proposals.
We set diamond of the purchase,
ryu does diamond to engage ring which we chose in two later.

◎The details of smile proposal ring are this

By all means to 4F Ginza Diamond Shiraishi
Please come to the store♪
October 20, 2017RESTAURANT
Restaurant & Cafe
MORE' S Lunch & Dinner *

In restaurant & cafe of Yokohama More's pride
Discerning taste and comfort that we skipped.

↑You can see each shop menu in PDF when we click

↑You can see each shop menu in PDF when we click
October 4, 2017RESTAURANT
2F Kirin City
"Autumn party plan advantageous" appearance!
Until ... Thursday, November 30

●Advantageous autumn party plan●
All of you who think, "we want to drink delicious beer with all one's might!"♪
It is more advantageous and can enjoy party plan of Kirin City,
How is plan for a limited time?

Six articles of popular dishes gain feast beer all-you-can-drink and,
It is 3,500 yen (tax-included) how.

At this opportunity, please use♪
September 1, 2017SHOP
3F charlotte by ABC-MART
For a limited time! Select store
Until ... Sunday, November 19

[3F Charlotte by ABC-MART] Then
Only in period until Sunday, November 19
We hold select store♪

Under the theme of the "light" "comfort" "beauty,"
We wear and offer good shoes of feeling.

Popular brand
We are having a lot of few new work items in our restaurant.

We wait for visit of all of you♪

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