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Security policy

We perform following security measures to be available to all of you in peace on website that we run.

1.Recommended browser
  Recommended browsers of our website are as follows.
・After Windows Internet Explorer8
・The Windows Google Chrome latest edition
・The Mac Safari latest edition
Even browser except this can look at our homepage, but please be careful as disorder of unexpected layout may occur.
2.About SSL
When we have you input personal information, we adopt communication by SSL for privacy policy and security protection.
※It is technique that SSL is abbreviation of ... SecureSocketsLayer (Secure Socket Layer) and encrypts information, and to transmit.
3.About use of cookies
We use cookies for convenience and security of visitor on our homepage.
Convenience of site improves by using cookies, but we do not have to worry that personal information of visitor is distinguished by cookies. In addition, there are no limit and inconvenience of the use when we do not use function of cookies.

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